Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I dunno if this will work

but if it doesn't you have to check this out on YouTube, search Maru and the Giant Box.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wisdom--Such as it is

The older I get the more I realize how much I don't know. What I have learned, and intend to teach my daughter, is that there is very little more important than knowing yourself and not compromising who you are to fit other people. Yes, I understand there is a certain social aspect to life and there are accommodations we all make in order to function as members of society. I'm not talking about restraining yourself for the sake of societal niceties i.e. political correctness, not wanting to hurt someone's feelings on an issue, etc.

I'm talking about loving and respecting yourself enough to recognize that you are a unique individual, and if you don't fit with someone, for heaven's sake, don't bury that which makes you special and unique in order to live your life with that person.

God makes us individuals because He believes that we each bring something different and special to the table, so to speak. Denying yourself the right to your beliefs, your thoughts and opinions, and your ability to act upon those, is denying God the ability to work through you.

I wish I had figured this out in my 20s and not in my 30s. I will work to teach our daughter this concept. I want her to love herself for who she is, and have the ability to tell anyone who's trying to change who she is, fundamentally, to FUCK OFF. No one should have so much control over someone as to change, or try to change, the fundamental basis of who a person is.