Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, all that snow I wrote about in the last post is melting, and now they're calling for river flooding.

Not that we didn't see this coming, of course.

But it's kind of impressive how fast the river is actually rising. It's noticeable from one day to the next.

Seems like the s*** hits the fan every time I leave the valley on vacation.

Well, Moab, here I come! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


There may be few things in the world worse than wanting something and not being able to have it.

I search and search and search but nothing fills the ache for what I want and cannot have.

Nothing else fits. Nothing distracts. It's an unhealthy fixation that I must get over.

In other, happier news, my friend who's kicking cancer's ass is, in fact, kicking cancer's ass.

Wahoo!! :):) Keep fighting, girl!

It's snowing here. Someone forgot to tell the weather that it's May and therefore should rain instead of snow.


I swear, it'll be snowing here in June or July this year.

There's more snow on Independence Pass than the plow crews have seen in two decades. They fully expect to see 20 foot (or more) drifts by the time they get to the top. And they don't expect to have it clear until after Memorial Day.

That's a lot of snow.

And yet, the fire danger is already high here in the valleys. Go figure.


Yep. I'm restless. Talk about fire danger.